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The Kimono As Art 2017-11-17

Some years ago the New York Times had a short article about a museum curator who was in love with the kimono as art. Read this article here.

Review of new book "The Social life of Kimono" 2017-07-21

The Japan Times has a good review of the wonderful new publication "The Social Life of Kimono" by Sheila Cliffe on here

review of the new book "The Social Life of Kimono" 2017-07-19

The Tokyo Weekender magazine has an excellent review of "The Social Life of Kimono" by Sheila Cliffe here

Arts of Asia magazine article 2017-07-13

The esteemed Arts of Asia magazine in their July-August 2017 edition published "The Kimono As Art" article by Roger Yorke, partner in The Kimono Gallery and Yorke Antique Textiles. Check out the article here

Art & Antiques article 2016-07-08

Yorke Antique Textiles was recently featured in Art & Antiques Magazine. Check out the article here

Exhibit Kimono For A Modern Age 2016-07-08

The Huffington Post posted a review of the exhibit "Kimono For The Modern Age" curated by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The exhibit features images of bold meisen silk kimonos created during the second quarter of the 20th century. Read this exhibit review here.

Book "KIMONO" review 2016-04-03

"A Brief and Stunning Visual History of the Kimono" is a Huffington Post review of the excellent book "KIMONO". Read this article here.

Overview of book "KIMONO" 2016-02-14

Here is a nice review - written by Edward M Gomez - of the landmark book "KIMONO". Read this review here.

MET Kimono exhibit Reviewed on NYT 2015-12-24

The New York Times carried an insightful review of the MET Kimono exhibition "Kimono" A Modern History". Read it here.

Kimonos at the MET 2015-12-23

Kimono: A Modern History was a 2014 kimono exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. The Textile Arts Centre wrote a review of this exhibit here.

Japan's Wearable Masterpieces 2013-08-10

The New York Times had an interesting article about the dying art of creating kimonos. Read this article here.