Yorke Antique Textiles

A collection of antique and vintage textiles from around the world

"For the past 30 years we have collected and sold vintage and antique textiles. Our clients include museums, interior decorators, collectors as well as textile enthusiasts in general. Although Japanese textiles are a particular strong point, we have in our gallery embroideries, crewelwork, needlework, toile, and tapestry from Europe; ikat, weavings, plangi, painted, block-printing, embroidery and batik from Asia; as well as embroidery, weaving and needlepoint from the U.S. And the Andean region. It is our belief - shared by others in the art market - that antique textiles are undervalued when compared to such other art forms as sculpture and painting. We share the feeling that such textiles require increased efforts for greater awareness and recognition.

Roger & Amparo Yorke