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Mid to late Meiji (1880-1912)
A fine chirimen (crepe) silk hitoe (unlined) summer kimono featuring "ominaeshi" motifs ("patrinia scabiosaefolia" or ladyflower). These motifs are yuzen painted, with pigmented painted highlights. Six leaves in the bottom back are outlined with gold-metallic embroidery. One embroidered mon (family crest). Several areas have sets of horizontal-orientated supplementary silver metallic threads. 49" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 60" height. The ladyflower, like the goldenrod of Europe and North America, was often personified in Japan because of its name, and invited amorous innuendo. Here is a sample of a Japanese haikai (verse) with this ladyflower/woman innuendo: "Now that autumn comes, They tangle on the grassy fields, These ladyflowers. Where is the man who can see them And not pinch a bloom or two."
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