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A very fine silk inner kimono featuring refined shibori patterning as well as katazome faux-shibori. Minor fraying in a few areas. 50" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 56" height. The dounuki is a specific style of inner kimono of a kimono set, characterized by sleeves and hem sections that are stitched to a main bodice body of contrasting material and pattern-work. The shibori (tie-dye) work on the bodice of this artefact is very subtle and refined: the large shibori white medallions were first created, then yuzen flower paintings put in each medallion as a second step. Thus creating this shibori was the result of lengthy and painstaking craftsmanship. The dot-pattern faux-shibori katazome stenciling was reserved to the sides/hem cloth adjacent to this shibori bodice.
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