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Bunka of, Edo period (1804-1818)
A rare silk uchikake featuring much finely silk and gold-metallic embroidered wisteria, peonies, tatewaku (serpentine line) motifs, as well as stenciled imitation tie-dyeing (kata kanoko). This exceptional garment is in good condition: there are a few areas where the background color has faded somewhat; there is a 'kink' that can be viewed in the image 'full, front closed'; the bottom has had the padding removed at some point in time, and then the hem lifted and sewn a few inches against the inside. 47" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 60" height. The red background color was created from the benibana (safflower), indicating that this kimono was commissioned by the samurai or nobility class, as it's use was very expensive and restricted. This is the only extant example of this style we have come across that is not in a museum. The other several examples are found in Japanese museums: there is an example found in the Tokyo National Museum (as described in the volume "When Art Became Fashion", catalogue 48, p 257); and p 4 of Japanese Kimono Designs of the Nomura Collection.
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