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Northern Coast of Java, Indonesia
late 19th c (1875-1900)
Batik on cotton. This sarong was part of a museum de-accession. Very good condition, with one small discreet mordant-hole. 43" x 87". This batik was acquired as a result of a de-accession from the Montclair Art Museum of New Jersey. This textile still has the exhibition cloth hanging tabs hand-sewn on the backside. The only exhibition of Javanese batiks at that museum took place during the year 1932, under the title “Javanese Batiks: collection of Paul E Vernon”. Paul Vernon exhibited collection textiles – perhaps the same ones - at one other museum: during 1928 they had an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum similarly titled “Javanese Batiks: Paul E. Vernon Collection”. The Paul E.Vernon family did not donate their entire collection to the Montclair Art Museum: the MET in 1958 has on file that they acquired “Mrs. Paul E. Vernon: 13 batiks, Javanese, xix century”, presumably after her husbands death. Note that items 2590, 2591 and 2592 of this gallery have the same purchase history.
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