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late Edo period (1775-1830)
A tall chirimen silk uchikake, featuring embroidered, yuzen-painted and couched flower and mountain waterfall scenes on a Antwerp blue background. Inner lining is stained (see detail image). 50" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 65" height. This design-style wedding robe would have been created for and worn by the bride of a high-ranking samurai family. During the late Edo period, many ceremonial kimonos of the upper military class were characterized by heavily embroidered mountain and waterfall scenes. Often - and perhaps in this case as well - these kimono design were based on stories and morals taken from old Japanese poems, theatre, and literature. These stories and morals were alluded to on these kimonos in the form of riddles and clues, requiring the viewer to be capable of understanding the hidden meaning. Such understanding was limited to only the cultured and educated of the time, adding to the aura of exclusivity.
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