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Early to Meiji (1868-1900)
This unusual and stunning silk antique uchikake features a rinzu (damask) base, with large fan and paulownia motifs. The main design consists of wonderful yuzen-painted plum blossom motifs. The mon (family crest) and other highlights are finely embroidered. The images look as though there is a red cast: the colour is indeed white, the hint of red is the result of the inner lining colour showing through the outer cloth. 48" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 62" height. The plum blossom is symbolic of purity and nobility due to its enriched smell and elegant appearance. In the cold winter snow, the plum blossom grows new flowers from seemingly dead branches. The depiction of a five petal blossom represents new life at the end of the winter and is highly revered as an auspicious symbol in Japan. The style and imagery on this uchikake resembles that on an early 19th century kimono designed by the artist Sakai Hoitsu (see page 184 of When Fashion Became Art).
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