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Late Meiji period (1880-1912)
This is the inner of a kasane set of two antique tomesode (the other in this set is item 1708a). This is a striking garment, with a purple and mustard green geometric patterning along the silk upper body and sleeves, and a vivid red silk lining covering a light cotton padding. The hem shows the distinctive silhouette of a snowflake bordering black and beige background with delicate flowers. The flowers on the front are nandine (Nanten) and pheasant's eye (Fukujuso). Because of the old Japanese saying "turn hardship (Nan) into luck (Fuku)", the pairing of the two plants is considered an auspicious one. White plum blossoms are in full bloom on the black outside and inside. The two flowers on the bottom lining are chrysanthemums and narcissuses evoking a sense of the changing season - from winter to spring - together with the other flowers. Design techniques include brush painting, yuzen-painting, and faux shibori dyeing. 48.5" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 60.5" height (that is, 1/2" shorter in both dimensions than the outer robe)
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