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Late Edo period (1840-1868)
A fine, sheer antique late Edo uchikake featuring embroidered and painted cranes, pine, bamboo, plum blossom and 'minogame' turtle. This wedding robe has two family crests on the front and three on the back. 51”across shoulders x 59” in height. The trio of plum blossom, bamboo and pine are considered in Japan as the 'three friends of winter' who are faithful to each other during difficult times; they traditionally represent the season winter when used on art such as this wedding garment. Another and most prominent design combination found on this garment is that of pine, turtle and crane: these together symbolize longevity and good luck. The entire scene on this kimono represents a simplified "Mount Horai" theme variation. Taoists believe that Mount Horai was a paradise located in the Eastern Sea (Sea of Japan).
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