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Marash Embroidered Cover

Marash Embroidered Cover
Marash area, southeastern Turkey

A Marash needlework cover featuring geometric patterns created by a lace-style stitching on a dark-indigo cotton base. Two panels joined to make a whole. Very good condition save for a small nibble on an outer edge. 44" x 47". The Marash area has a large Armenian population who are famous in the region for their cotton weavings which are often embroidered with a particular style of complex stitched geometric patterns that have been handed down for many generations. Marash embroidery, as with this example, is known as 'hartagar', and is worked using the Zeytun ‘handle needle’ way of sewing (the stitches are uneven, the pattern mainly covers the external side of the cloth, while on the reverse side only small stitches can be seen). This stitched pattern-work is traditionally worked on a red or indigo blue cotton hand-woven cloth. Each color in the embroidery has a meaning, and color combinations were passed down from generation to generation.

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