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Late Edo Uchishiki

Late Edo Uchishiki
Mid-Edo era (1700-1800)

A small triangular uchishiki (Buddhist altar textile) featuring silk and metallic-embroidered ‘Hai Riyo’ (dragon-bird) and wave-motifs on a red wool background. Instead of the scaly body of other Japanese dragons, the Hai Riyo is portrayed with the feathered wings, body and tail of a bird, but it retains the unmistakable, beard fringed visage of a dragon. The Japanese considered the Hai Riyo as the most evolved of the dragons: before attaining this ultimate state, the Hai Riyo had to progress through the normal dragon life-cycle. There are several depictions of this remarkable creature on the ornamental screens decorating the Chi-on-in monastery in Kyoto. Cotton lining. It is the smaller of a set (see item 2036 for the mate in the set). Very good condition. 14" x 9".

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