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German Woman's Bonnet

German Woman's Bonnet
possibly 17th century (1600-1700)

Embroidered fine silver womans bonnet. The embroidered threads are made of silver. It has the original bow, lining and lacework. On top of the bonnet embroidered on the silver are red stones and small silver balls. This hat came from England to the U.S. in 1930. The story is that it was purchased some years ago from a Yale Professor's estate, who was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, England in the 1920's, and came to Yale in 1930. The condition is good for the age. It is missing some small red stones and small silver balls from the top of the hat. The ribbon is faded and in some spots the lace bottom needs to be sewn back on the hat. The lace is brittle and delicate. 7" x 6" x 4"

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